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2017 Best nine Instagram posts

Bad news! Santa hasn't made it over the Himalayas this year!

Seventh Doctor commission

Is it a cephalopod? Is it a trawler?

First sketch card in ages...

Halloween ape

Happy Halloween!

Got a pressie from Past Pete.

WiP Robotman

International Gin & Tonic Day


Leon the Professional

138% funded!

Last Beershaman from LICAF2017

Lakes Comic Art Festival ahoy!



Gang's all here!

Got funded!

My favourite panel from the upcoming Copperopolis 3

Happy birthday @vineandcherry

Mr PoopyButtHole & Amethyst

Batman Thought Bubble Sketch Cover


I've made it! I'm in!

Swansea's favourite comic is back!

C'Thoo in Love, written by @nancytoxic, inks ahoy!

Colouring continues on Monster Kids

Got a comics workshop with @thesonofken tomorrow. Here's a couple of characters created at an earlier one Dr Dragon & Lady Lightning! #comics #dragon #lightning

Birthday card from my missus. They just keep getting better and better...

Birthday pies for me, birthday cake for everyone else #tenpoundsofpastyorilldie

Stick-arrs! #stickers #monsterkids #comics

#monsterkids #colouring continues... #comics #t

Cheers to my Black & Tan Buddy @dmatthewedwards #oldschool #pint

Hanging around... #spacemonkey #sketchcard

New batch of Aces Weekly Monster Kids Sketch Cards

Teen Titans sketch cover from SCGC 2017

Returning to the Lakes Comic Art Festival

Signed Sean Philips print to be won

Lakes Comic Art Festival Podcast

Samurai Jack Vs The Great Grape Ape

He's your worst nightmare... an Ape with a Badge!

Lakes Comic Art Festival Podcast Launches today

Creating Comics Workshop