Waun Wen Primary School Superhero workshop

Waun Wen Primary School in Swansea invited me back to do another Superhero workshop. It's always great fun, I go through my portfolio with the kids and discuss all the different kinds of superheroes there are and then we put some random 'superheroey' words together and create a couple of our own. This year it was 'Doctor Dragon' and 'Lightning Lady'. The actual drawing out of the characters is pretty hectic with everyone shouting out ideas and criticisms.
"Give him wings!"
"Draw her earrings bigger!"
"He looks more like a sea monster!"
"That sword doesn't look like lightning, you made it look like electricity!"
Thanks to all the staff and children for inviting me.

Process pics below...




Rough pencils (note the original dragon head, a bit too wolf-like)


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