Whatever happened to the Human Fly?

'The Wildest Super-Hero Ever - Because He's real!'

Back in the 70s The Human Fly was a stuntman who got his own Marvel comics series. He never got the coverage over here in Blighty that Evel Knevel got and until YouTube I'd never actually seen him in action. Still, I was fond enough of him to draw a sketch card of him and I still think a daredevil stuntman hero is a knockout idea.

The Fortean Times have an article in their July 2014 issue  "Whatever happened to The Human Fly?" where they investigate his origins, successes and current whereabouts. It's a fun read and ends with the news that the rights have been secured by a new company with an issue of The New Adventures of the Human Fly' completed and an indie film underway. More details and a link to an Esquire article are on The Human Fly Movie Facebook Page

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