Ladies & Gentlemen Sketch Cards

The Watercloset press guys were at the Bristol Comics Expo the other weekend so I finished the set of Gentry sketch cards I'd been working on and popped down to say hello and deliver them in person. Great guys, nice to meet them. For the record the characters are as follows (from top left):

Ned Banburg - Master mechanic & inventive genius

Hex Vincente - Roguish, and usually inebriated, illusionist

The Lady - Fatal beauty

Rat King- Vengeful creature of the night

Sarah Copperthwaite - Scottish Rose

The Gent - Silent, strong street brawler

The Peppered Moth - Gentlemen spy

Amazing bunch of characters, love the character designs and their adventures are great fun crammed with monsters, magic and moustaches. I've already started work on continuing the story started in the Irregulars, so watch this space.

Original sketches and Pencils

Go visit The Watercloset Press mporium and grab a copy of The Irregulars now!


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