Ladies & Gentlemen anthology published

The Irregulars, A Collection of Tales about the Victorian group of adventurers The Gentry has been published by Watercloset Press. As the above pic highlights I have a 4 page full colour strip inside, written, drawn, inked, lettered and coloured by myself.

The tome itself is a staggering achievement for a British independent publishing team, with over 130 pages of story and art from writers and artists across the globe. And no less than eight stories from the partnership of Richard Worth and Jordan Collver, the team behind Watercloset Press and the creators of The Gentry.

Here's the first page of my story...

You gotta read the rest now...

Head on over to Watercloset Press for the full scoop on The Gentry. You can even read the first issue for free. Or just head to their emporium and grab a copy of The Irregulars now! You won't regret it.


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