100 SCC Sketch Cards: 61-75 pencils

100 SCC Sketch Cards: 61-75, pencils & roughs

100 SCC Sketch Cards: 61-75, finished pieces

Most of this set was drawn as commissions for folks at the Cardiff Comics Expo 2012. There were a few I forgot to take photos of too.

61 - 'Beertruck' Batgirl
62 - 'Beertruck' Supergirl
63 - 'Beertruck' Harry Potter
64 - 'Beertruck' Wonder Woman
65 - 'Beertruck' Creature of the Black Lagoon
66 - Deadpool on the toilet! Man you get asked to draw the strangest things sometimes...
67 - Black Canary
68 & 69 - Hulk vs Rocket Raccoon! Sometimes you get asked to draw stuff that is an absolute blast, one of my favourite commissions. Chuffed!
70 - The Spirit, the great Will Eisner's classic hero just after another beating...
71 - Marty McFly and hover board from Back To The Future 2
72 - The Amazing Blue Red or The Amazing Red Blue, I can never remember. A Copperopolis character coming soon...
73 - Scott Pilgrim punching out an Alaskan Governor, another great request from Cardiff. Hope to see everyone at the November Cardiff Expo in a few months
74 - Mysterio, the ol' goldfish bowl headed Spider-man villain
75 - Rhino, been enjoying drawing my fave villains and lots of them are spidey foes.

One more compilation of 76-90 pencils and then it's onto the final 10!
Thanks for looking...

This Man This Pete


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