Monday, 7 July 2014

Whatever happened to the Human Fly?

'The Wildest Super-Hero Ever - Because He's real!'

Back in the 70s The Human Fly was a stuntman who got his own Marvel comics series. He never got the coverage over here in Blighty that Evel Knevel got and until YouTube I'd never actually seen him in action. Still, I was fond enough of him to draw a sketch card of him and I still think a daredevil stuntman hero is a knockout idea.

The Fortean Times have an article in their July 2014 issue  "Whatever happened to The Human Fly?" where they investigate his origins, successes and current whereabouts. It's a fun read and ends with the news that the rights have been secured by a new company with an issue of The New Adventures of the Human Fly' completed and an indie film underway. More details and a link to an Esquire article are on The Human Fly Movie Facebook Page

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Friday, 30 May 2014

True Detective Sketch Card

I've missed the boat on this Zeitgeist-wise, but here's my sketch card anyway featuring the awesome True Detective Duo of Matthew McConaughey as Detective Rust Cohle and Woody Harrelson as Detective Marty Hart.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen Sketch Cards

The Watercloset press guys were at the Bristol Comics Expo the other weekend so I finished the set of Gentry sketch cards I'd been working on and popped down to say hello and deliver them in person. Great guys, nice to meet them. For the record the characters are as follows (from top left):

Ned Banburg - Master mechanic & inventive genius

Hex Vincente - Roguish, and usually inebriated, illusionist

The Lady - Fatal beauty

Rat King- Vengeful creature of the night

Sarah Copperthwaite - Scottish Rose

The Gent - Silent, strong street brawler

The Peppered Moth - Gentlemen spy

Amazing bunch of characters, love the character designs and their adventures are great fun crammed with monsters, magic and moustaches. I've already started work on continuing the story started in the Irregulars, so watch this space.

Original sketches and Pencils

Go visit The Watercloset Press mporium and grab a copy of The Irregulars now!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen anthology published

The Irregulars, A Collection of Tales about the Victorian group of adventurers The Gentry has been published by Watercloset Press. As the above pic highlights I have a 4 page full colour strip inside, written, drawn, inked, lettered and coloured by myself.

The tome itself is a staggering achievement for a British independent publishing team, with over 130 pages of story and art from writers and artists across the globe. And no less than eight stories from the partnership of Richard Worth and Jordan Collver, the team behind Watercloset Press and the creators of The Gentry.

Here's the first page of my story...

You gotta read the rest now...

Head on over to Watercloset Press for the full scoop on The Gentry. You can even read the first issue for free. Or just head to their emporium and grab a copy of The Irregulars now! You won't regret it.

New Pens

I've been trying out my new Pilot Parallel pens, got the tip from my mate Son of Ken who got the word from Jim Mahfood who got the score from Ashley Wood.

I like 'em a lot, they're taking some getting use to but worth it. The ability to switch from a thick to thin line with the same pen is great. The above was done with just the 2.4mm version. Tricky on the curves but fits my, at-times, blocky square style.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Captain America: Winter Soldier - sketching at the flicks

Black Widow from Captain America: Winter Soldier by ThisManThisPete

I was invited to do some sketching at the Vue Cinema in Swansea alongside the rest of the SCC to help them promote the opening of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Here's a few of the cards that were sketched...

Disney's Stitch by TMT Pete

A couple of Jokers by TMT Pete

Disney's The Littel Mermaid

Captain America by TMT Pete, Loki by Lee

Silver Surfer by Son of Ken